Hasbro launches new Transformers Mayhem Attack Squad set

07 March 2024
Hasbro has unveiled a new triple pack for its Transformers Legacy United Doom ‘n Destruction Collection. This awesome new set features the Insecticons Chop Shop and Barrage and is available to pre-order now from Amazon in the US or direct from Hasbro via the Hasbro Pulse website if you’re in Europe.

The Transformers: Legacy United Doom ‘n Destruction Collection features a  two pack and three pack of figures, with both sets based on classic and fan-favorite Cybertronians. Released to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Transformers animated history, Hasbro are inviting fans of the Transformers franchise to “unite their collections” with a new set that sees some old favorites from across the world of Transformers robots - the Transformers Legacy United Doom ‘n Destruction Collection, featuring the Mayhem Attack Squad set.



What’s in the Mayhem Attack Squad set?


The Mayhem Attack Squad in the Doom ‘n Destruction collection includes two Insecticons, a 4.5 inch Chop Shop, which converts between robot and stag beetle mode and Barrage, which changes between robot and rhinoceros beetle mode. Based on the Generation 1 “Deluxe Insections,”, both the Chop Shop figure and the Barrage figure also feature articulated head, arms, and legs so you can display them in multiple action poses.


The set also includes a Micromaster Wrecker Malleus Minotaurus action figure that converts between robot and hammer mode with two clear blast effect accessories. The 1-inch figure has 2 clear blast effects, while the larger robots have 6 blaster accessories.


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Who are the Insecticons?


The Insecticons are a collection of Transformers that change from a robot into a bug. The originals were based on the Diaclone toys made by Takara in 1984 and featured Shrapnel, a stag beetle, Bombshell, a Japanese rhinoceros beetle and Kickback, a Grasshopper. The Insecticons line was expanded with four new releases (including Venom, Barrage, Chop Shop and Ransack) when Hasbro imported more transforming insects from Bandai’s short lived Beetras range in 1985.


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