Transformer action figures go to auction at SAS

20 December 2023
100 Tranformer figures set to make over £6,000 in toy sale

A collection of 100 Transformer toys that have been in an attic for 20 years will go under the hammer on Tuesday 16 January at Special Auction Services ( in Newbury and are expected to fetch £6,000.

The Transformers were bought by the vendor from a work colleague who was getting married and whose future wife insisted that he sell his collection beforehand. The vendor from London says, “Although I had previously asked him if I could have first refusal if he ever sold the collection, I didn’t think he would ever sell, so I was surprised when he approached me.”

At the time the vendor lived in a flat and did not have space for the seven large boxes he had bought. Fortunately, his brother stepped in and offered his attic – and as a thank you he bought the family a curry. The collection has been untouched in the attic ever since.

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The vendor says, “I’ve only ever looked at the collection once or twice in all these years, so I hope this auction will be a good opportunity for Transformers fans and collectors. I think it is a good time to sell in case my brother moves house too!”

Highlights of the collection include a Milton Bradley G1 Autobot Sunswipe (£300-500), a Hasbro Transformers G1 Classic Heroes Autobot Prowl, a G1 Autobot Classic Dinobot Sludge and a Mexican IGA Decepticon Jet Thundercracker as well as a Decepticon Combiner Devastator all expected to fetch £100-150 each.  A Hasbro/Ceji Transformers G1 Autobot Optimus Prime will also be offered at £80-120 and a Hasbro Transformers G1 Decepticon Targetmaster Slugslinger at £60-80.

Special Auction Services' Toy Specialist David Kemp says, “Finding such a large collection of Generation 1 Transformers is highly unusual, and with the majority in original packaging and some still sealed as new they will surely appeal to collectors worldwide.”

More information about both the figures and the sale can be found at