Hasbro unveils trio of Marvel Legends Iron Man Figures

11 April 2024
Marvel Marvel Legends Iron Man Figures 1
Typical, you wait for one Marvel Legends Iron Man figure to come along…and then three arrive at once! Hasbro has just opened pre-orders for three different Iron Man collectables based on different eras of Tony Stark’s famous suit.

If you collect Marvel toys or Marvel collectables, you may be pleased to know that the Marvel Universe has expanded once more to include not one, but three Marvel Legends Iron Man action figures from Hasbro. This detailed 6 inch collection come fully articulated with poseable heads, arms, legs plus accessories to make them look all the better on your collectors toy shelf. Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in the trio…


Marvel Legends Series Iron Man (Model 01 - Gold)


Fittingly we start with one of the earliest Iron Man designs: Model 01 - Gold. This collectable action figure is inspired by the gold version of Iron Man's Model 01 armour seen in Marvel's Tales of Suspense comic book. Model 01 is designed to a six-inch scale and has more than 20 points of articulation, plus seven accessories, including unmasked alternate Tony Stark head, hands and blast effects.


The suit is inspired by the storyline when Tony Stark decides that Iron Man needs an upgrade before facing off against the hypnotic Gargantus.


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Marvel Legends Series Iron Man (Model 09)


Up next we have a more recognisable reproduction of Iron Man from the comics. The Iron Man Armor Model 09 (Model IX), also known as the Neo-Classic Armor, was the ninth Iron Man Armor created by Tony Stark. He designed the Neo-Classic Armor to fight Firepower at the climax of the Armor Wars. A "back- to basics" suit, this was the primary Iron Man suit for several years.


Like the Gold version, this action figure also has 20 points of articulation - so you can pose to your heart’s content - and accessories, including alternate hands, attachable repulsor blast and smoke effects.


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Marvel Legends Series Iron Man (Model 20)


Finally Hasbro is releasing Iron Man (Model 20). Looking more like the version in the Marvel movies, this action figure is inspired by Iron Man's Model 20 "Tin Man Armor" in Marvel's The Invincible Iron Man comic book.


Where can I buy Marvel Legends Iron Man action figures?

All three Iron Man figures can be pre-ordered now from the Hasbro Pulse website for £24.99 each. They’re due to start shipping from June 2024.


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