Vibrant AMG colours

16 May 2023
The AMG undercurrent theme this month also dominates recent Solido 1/43 releases

I really like Solido’s trend of pairing subjects modelled both in 1/43 and 1/18 - especially as those concurrent new models are variations on the theme rather than straightforward, duplicated replications differing only in scale. So with the current, regular, releases of its newly-tooled 1/43 models, Solido is certainly making an impact as each new monthly batch appear two by two. First though, a quick dip back to the end of last year with a pair that are just to hand along with the four most recent offerings - a pair that are very topical this month.

Solido Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC AMG Wide Body - 1990

Solido’s 1/43 diecast 1990 version W126 560 SEC AMGs in Black Uni (S4310901) and Signal Red (S4310902) make fabulous complementary display items to go alongside OttOmobile’s red 1/18 resin 1986 version. Whilst influenced by personal preferences about paint colours, the Signal Red immediately appeals to me, but I have to admit there is definitely a certain something about the Black Uni version as well. This I reckon is partly down to the great finish Solido is consistently delivering with this range.

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Solido Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series - 2012

The second complementary display pair this month can be seen at the top of the page. Finished in Solarbeam Yellow (S4311601) and Fire Opal Red (S4311602), sporting the full wide-body kits and rear spoiler of the AMG enhancement package, I rate them as one of the best in Solido’s exciting new 1/43 range yet.

Undoubtably the impression they create is enhanced by the flush glazing that is a hallmark of the range and allows full scope for good window surround detailing. In this case, the black and silver framing to the side windows, combined with the flush black surrounds to windscreen and rear window, adds considerably to the overall smoothness of the exterior. Dual colour plastic inset light units all round and fine, clean, precision printing of trim and badge detailing all add up to making these very pleasing 1/43 diecast models. As with previous releases in the range, Solido’s decision to fit different wheel finishes to the two is commendable and very effective.

Solido McLaren 765 LT - 2020

I guess we have come to expect dramatic, extrovert finishes from McLaren and this pair fully live up to that image in orange (S4311901) and green (S4311902) metallics. The extensive, contrasting black accenting is applied cleanly with sharp edge definition. As with variations on the wheel finishes, Solido’s choice to apply black to the front bonnet of the green version, but not to the orange one indicates thoughtful attention to detail. It is differences to the appearance of the pairs that lift them way above simple colour variations that elevate ‘either/or’ choice decisions to taking both for their individual merits.