Transport your Porsches back to another era

21 March 2019
Schuco-Opel-Blitz-Porsche-Renntransporter-b-96852.jpg Schuco Opel Blitz Porsche Renntransporter
Transport your Porsches back to another era
Transport your Porsches back to another era Images

Schuco Opel Blitz Porsche Renntransporter 

PRICE: £296.99
REF: 00084
SCALE: 1/18

Opel's double-cab articulated Blitz was chosen by the Porsche Racing Team at the start of the sixties to be transformed into a vehicle to safely transport up to three of its racers around the Grand Prix and endurance sports racing circuits of Europe.

As an option for showing off your 1/18 scale Porsche racers, there can't be many more truly evocative sights than this. It has real display presence and works equally well with the 1960s 718 and 804 Formula 1 cars, 904 GTS and the incredible 906 Carrera 6 (my favourite all time car and top of my lottery list!) - they will all work perfectly here, and you can display up to three cars on this beauty.

Largely resin, there is some use of plastic, but at this scale that's a good thing as it allows some extra finesse, such as to the upper deck side rails. These come as separate items and are a little fiddly to mount (to be really secure a little dab of strong glue wouldn't go amiss) but look amazing once they're sorted, really adding to the genuine feel of this model. The lower deck rear tailgate also comes as a separate item. There are also side cab mirrors to fit and, as you can see, these got forgotten for the photos!

It's a truly magnificent model and a worthy investment if historic Porsches or vintage racing car transporters are your particular collecting passion.

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The cab interior should also be specifically mentioned as the finish to the seats is wonderful and it looks incredibly realistic. The rest of the interior is up to the same standard too.

Beautifully finished in the oh so evocative dark Guards Red that Porsche used for all its Renntransporters back in the day, I have to say that I'm really rather smitten with this one.