There’s something superbly saintly about DNA’s lovely Swedish beauty

21 March 2019
DNA-Collectibles-1961-Volvo-P1800-c-70168.jpg DNA Collectibles 1961 Volvo P1800
There’s something superbly saintly about DNA’s lovely Swedish beauty
There’s something superbly saintly about DNA’s lovely Swedish beauty Images

DNA Collectibles 1961 Volvo P1800

PRICE: CHF 179.00 (approximately £135.00)
REF NO: DNA000012
SCALE: 1/18

Styled by Pelle Petterson under the tutelage of Pietro Frua, whose studio was a subsidiary of the prestigious Italian carrozzeria Ghia, and with mechanicals derived from Volvo's dependable Amazon/122 series, Volvo's P1800 must surely be one of the most recognisable cars ever, such is the uniqueness of its design. A large part of the credit for this must surely go to it having been chosen as Roger Moore's car in the 1960s TV series, The Saint.

 Manufactured from 1961 to 1973, the project began as far back as 1957. Despite an early setback when bodybuilders Karmann were forced to pull out at an advanced stage of the car's production (it was forced to by its biggest client, Volkswagen), British manufacturer Jensen came to the rescue.

Early cars were assembled by Jensen at its West Bromwich factory.

 DNA’s exquisite replica is the first of the car at this scale. The beautiful shape has been lovingly recreated and the quality of the interior is absolutely astonishing and can be fully appreciated through the expanse of window area.

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As a resincast, the doors don't open but this does allow for an exquisite amount of fine detail and a sublime finish to the perfect paintwork. The chromework is definitely worthy of a very special mention too and looks incredibly realistic - something that many other manufacturers struggle to achieve, either being too matte or overly shiny.

A specific note should be made about the replication of the grille, one of the most recognisable aspects of Volvo's beauty - it is stunning, again appearing totally real. A test of any model at this scale is how it looks in photos and we think you'll agree that it looks like it could be a real car.

Limited to just 320 pieces, we recommend that you don't hang around and get straight over to DNA's website to make sure this is added to your collection. You won't be disappointed (unless you miss out of course!).