The Sky (Lark) is the limit with this new gem from Automodello

20 February 2023
Automodello 1954 Buick Skylark
The Sky (Lark) is the limit with this new gem from Automodello Images

PRICE: US$249.95
REF NO: 24B 022
SCALE: 1/24

The Skylark was Buick’s most exclusive model introduced in 1953 to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. The 1953 version was based on the range-topping Roadmaster convertible, though with major styling differences, notably the full-arch cutouts for the rear wheels, altered doors, lower windscreen, extravagant 'sweepspear' plated side trim, and the wheels themselves - Kelsey-Hayes 15-inch plated wires, fitted with whitewall tyres.

Powered by a 322 (5,278 cc) V8, the Skylark was made in limited numbers as a convertible only. The 1954 model was built on the shorter - and new - Buick Century platform, as the Roadmaster had been considerably restyled and enlarged. The Skylark had unique styling, with a rounded boot flanked by flamboyant plated rear light fittings that gave the appearance of rear fins, and by teardrop-shaped wheel arches with the inner wheel wells finished in a contrasting colour to the car body.

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The Automodello model is a wonderful replica of the 1954 car, beautifully moulded, finished and detailed. The plated 'sweepspear' trim and rear light housings are very well done. The 2-tone interior is superb, with the fascia featuring all the dials and controls, right down to the glovebox button. The door panels are particularly noteworthy. Quite remarkable.

The 'standard' edition is in Lido Green, an authentic pastel shade, and 199 examples have been made. There is also an “Encomium” (Tribute) edition in Matador Red, and is limited to just 54. All the models come with both open and closed hoods that fit neatly and securely in place, and all are plinth-mounted, numbered and come in a clamshell outer box. An absolute beauty.