The future has been here for over 60 years thanks to Berggren's vision

21 January 2019
Autocult-Berggren-Future-1-78315.jpg Autocult Berggren Future
Autocult Berggren Future - metallic silver
The future has been here for over 60 years thanks to Berggren's vision Images

Autocult Berggren Future - metallic silver

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Sweden in 1951 was the home of 28-year-old Sigvard Berggren. Like many of his contemporaries, he was interested in what life in the future would look like, particularly in what the automobile would look like many decades ahead so started to design a car based upon his own futuristic vision.

Based on a 1938 Dodge chassis originally used as a taxi, the frame was a suitable basis for the modifications that were required. Berggren and his assistant, Lennart Josefson, welded a tubular structure made from lightweight steel tube, inspired by contemporary aircraft construction. The framework served also as a protective roll cage in the event of an accident or rollover. Shaped body panels were fitted over the steel structure and the finished body design was referred to by a Swedish journalist as “reminiscent of a wingless aircraft”. Taking this analogy, the cockpit in which the driver was sat protruded far beyond the front axle location and definitely resembled some aircraft of the era. Air intakes fitted to each side that provided cooling air to the 100 horsepower flathead Ford V8 engine, certainly added to this impression. The body shape proved to be an attraction wherever it travelled and soon the car became well-known outside of Sweden too.

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AutoCult's decision to model this incredible vehicle was an inspired one. Berggren's vision makes for an astonishing model and AutoCult's reputation for excellent detail and flawless finishing is definitely upheld here. The finesse around the panel shut lines is a good case in point, as are the fins to the air intakes - simply sublime.

We definitely have a strong front runner for one of our 2019 awards right here and with just 333 made, make sure you don't miss out.