Terrific trio of Gnats, newly-tooled by Aviation 72

18 February 2020
Aviation 72 Folland Gnat Single-Seater - RAF Cosford Museum XK724, Aviation 72 Folland Gnat Single-Seater - Finnish Air Force, Aviation 72 Folland Gnat Single-Seater - Indian Air Force E1974
Terrific trio of Gnats, newly-tooled by Aviation 72 Images

SCALE: 1/72
PRICE: £42.99 each
REF: AV7228001, AV7228003 & AV7228004 respectively

AVIATION 72 has released the first three examples of its newly-tooled single-seat Folland Gnat, a British compact swept-wing subsonic fighter aircraft that was developed and produced by Folland Aircraft.

Following in the contrails of Aviation 72's successful two-seat T.1 trainer version that has spawned many versions in 1/72 scale, the model's casting has been modified to replicate the original solo cockpit 'light fighter' F.1 variant that first flew in 1955.

Initially released in three schemes (two further versions, in RAF North Weald 1963 and Yugoslav Air Force colours are already in the works), the neat new versions really look the part with the smaller cockpit and are all wonderfully finished in the appropriate liveries for their respective aircraft.

The paintwork on all three features a suitable level of sheen and the markings are all beautifully applied, making for a very pleasing model to display.

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The nicely-detailed undercarriage is fixed in the deployed position and each model comes with its own stand allowing for ground or in-flight positioning.

The RAF Cosford variant (AV7228001, pictured bottom left) is rightly missing the underwing extras and is modelled as it is on display in the museum, which is well worth the visit, by the way.

All three models are excellent and look superb together.