Take to the skies in another era with Corgi's stunning Albatros replica

21 September 2020
Corgi Albatros D.V 2111/17 'M', Martin Mallmann, Jasta 19 "Les Tangos", Western Front, Jan 1918, Shot down by "The Grim Reapers"
Take to the skies in another era with Corgi's stunning Albatros replica Images

PRICE: £49.99
REF: AA37810
SCALE: 1/48

The French and volunteer American pilots who patrolled the Reims sector of the Western Front during World War I were only too familiar with the various German fighter squadrons that would enter their airspace, usually in support of the latest land offensive. Often referred to by the markings they carried, these aerial adversaries were simply known as "The Reds", "The Checquerboards" or "The Greens", but one unit that seemed to engage with them for longer than any other were the Albatros fighters of Jasta 19. With their lacquered plywood fuselages giving them an orangey appearance in the air, they were known as "Les Tangos" byAllied airmen. Giving up a position as a flight instructor in Berlin, Martin Mallmann requested transfer to the Western Front in early 1917. By January 1918, he stood on the verge of gaining the coveted ace status, with four victories to his name.

In combat with the Spads of Escadrille Spa 94 "The Reapers", Mallmann's Albatros was brought down.

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It is yet another simply stunning 1/48 scale release from Corgi, clearly proving that this slightly larger scale is perfect for the aircraft of this era, allowing for much finer detailing, particularly to the wing braces and struts. The finish is perfectly matt and the simple graphics are exquisitely replicated.

The undercarriage also demonstrates some excellent attention to detail and the panel lines on the fuselage are neatly picked out, adding to the overall appeal of this fine model.