Take a trip back to the Seventies

31 July 2023
Toyway Chopper Mk II Bicycle - Infra Red
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PRICE: £23.95
REF NO: TW41700
SCALE: 1/12

When Toyway released its first 1/12 scale Chopper, teased at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 2019 and then revealed at the same event in 2020, it had replicated the original bike from Raleigh, that would become known as the MkI, when the revised MkII was launched in 1973.

After the popularity of its original MkI Chopper releases over the last couple of years, Toyway, through its parent company, Bachmann Europe, has now tooled up the modified MkII Chopper. The new model correctly features a modified frame rear, new seat position (slightly further forward), rear rack and 'T-bar' gear lever.

Toyway's new 1/12 scale model has been manufactured in the two colours that the real thing has just been re-released in, Infra Red or Ultra Violet. The new 'real' version from Raleigh, launched at its showroom in Nottingham, sold out on the first day of release in June and a second (and final) batch will have just gone on sale as this magazine lands. Given the frenetic activity that surrounded the first batch, it is highly likely that the same thing will happen again. More, in different colours, have been hinted at by Raleigh for release next summer. It is highly likely, therefore, that we'll see more colours from Toyway in the future too. Hurrah!

The brilliant, newly-tooled No TW41700 MkII features a diecast metal frame and chrome plated plastic parts with working steering and pedal/chain movement, and PVC vinyl black tyres with detailed tread pattern and red lining, just like the initial MkI issues from Toyway. The second version of the new MkII is available in Ultra Violet.

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In addition to these two, wonderful new recreations, Toyway also has a rider figure available to display with these (it comes with another youngster on a Space Hopper for that really seventies feel), plus four colour versions of the MkI.

So, iron your flared jeans and lace up your Dunlop Green Flash, then just head on straight over to the Bachmann website to get yours!