Take a trip back to the late Sixties with Toyota's futuristic classic

21 November 2018
Avenue-43-Toyota-EX-I-2-96524.jpg Avenue 43 Toyota EX-I
Avenue 43 Toyota EX-I
Take a trip back to the late Sixties with Toyota's futuristic classic Images

Avenue 43 Toyota EX-I

PRICE: £92.99
REF NO: 60010
SCALE: 1/43

Shown at the 1969 Tokyo Motor Show the Toyota EX-I fastback coupe for two passengers was the most conventional of Toyota's three experimental prototypes introduced at the event. Designed by Toyota research engineers to accommodate a front-engined drive-train, the EX-I was styled specifically for long distance driving at high speed. Toyota executives announced at the show that there were no plans for production of the futuristic model, although it clearly leant some styling cues, particularly at the front, to Toyota's first generation Celica, introduced in December the following year.

The EX-I was designed for long distance, high speed driving and it had an electrically controlled roof mounted spoiler for high speed stability.

Inside, the wrap around instrument layout had its buttons and switches equidistant from the driver for maximum ergonomic comfort.

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Until you look closely at the wings, and spy the legend just ahead of the A-pillar, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is an Alfa Romeo. The car looks familiar, but it doesn't. You might notice those Celica cues and you'd be onto something.

A fascinating subject by Avenue 43 and definitely in the tradition of its parent company, AutoCult. Of course, that relationship brings with it the exquisite quality and attention to detail. Fine examples of which are the finesse of the chromework shielding the headlights, the chrome door trim and those magnificently evocative alloy wheels.

This is an absolutely stunning model of a fabulous car - once you've worked out what it is!