Subaru's concept turned into reality is perfectly captured by DNA Collectibles

08 October 2020
DNA Collectibles Subaru Baja - Baja Yellow & Metallic Silver Stone
Subaru's concept turned into reality is perfectly captured by DNA Collectibles Images

PRICE: £139.99
REF: DNA000050
SCALE: 1/18

The Subaru Baja is a four-door coupé utility, all-wheel-drive, four-passenger car manufactured by Subaru between 2002 and 2006 in the United States at its Lafayette factory. It cleverly combines the characteristics of a traditional passenger car with the load capacity of a pick-up. Inspired by Subaru's ST-X concept, shown at the 2000 Los Angeles Auto Show, it's the successor to the marque's Brat that has already been replicated by DNA at 1/43 scale.

The Baja is the fourth Subaru produced so far by DNA Collectibles and it was a effectively a choice made by its influential social media community, particularly when it came to the choice of colours. The bi-colour Yellow Baja and Metallic Silver Stone was an inspired choice, we think.

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All the exterior details are present - including the roof bars, sunroof, perfectly reproduced engraved lights and manufacturer logo, of course. The interior is astonishing, as usual, but that’s the DNA Collectibles way. All the tiniest details have been replicated, such as the air vents, radio control buttons, dashboard details, and the seat belts. Take a look at the two-tone grey/black interior seats, steering wheel, door panels and gear lever. The seats also feature the nice detail of Baja engraving behind the driver's and passenger's shoulders. Even the indicator switches are detailed.

As well as the obvious top notch paint finish, the exterior is accentuated by the incredibly realistic tinted glass areas, plus superbly realistic alloy wheels.

It's another amazing resincast replication from the brilliant team at DNA and, of course, the model is limited to the usual 320 pieces, with each chassis individually numbered. The Baja is already on sale, so don't hang around if this is your thing - you wouldn't want to be late to the (beach) party!