Strike gold with this vivacious Volvo coupe by DNA Collectibles

22 June 2021
DNA Collectibles 1998 Volvo C70 Coupé - Saffron Pearl Metallic
Strike gold with this vivacious Volvo coupe by DNA Collectibles Images

PRICE: £150.99
REF: DNA000066
SCALE: 1/18 

Volvo unveiled its first generation C70 at the 1996 Paris Motor Show, introducing it to the European market as a 1997 model, and a year later as a 1998 model in North America. The C70 broke Volvo's decades-long styling tradition of 'boxy' designs and was the company's first luxury coupé since the 780. Peter Horbury designed the exterior and Mexican designer Jose Diaz de la Vega led the interior team. According to Horbury, Volvo's Design Chief from 1991 to 2002,  Volvo "threw away the box, but kept the toy inside".

Developed and initially manufactured in conjunction with two-time Le Mans winners, Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR), the C70 in coupé form made headlines when it was chosen as the hero car for a remake of the classic The Saint TV series, with Val Kilmer taking over the role of Simon Templar. The choice of a Volvo coupe was natural given the iconic P800's role in the original series. Sadly the remake wasn't such a success.

So now onto DNA's most excellent replication. It's a resincast, of course, with all the finesse and dedication to authenticity that we have come to expect from our passionate Swiss friends. The depth of the paint finish is what strikes you first. The word "sumptuous" was possibly made to describe how this colour looks. The finish all over is flawless and really adds to the model, with the incredible detailing making for a real awards contender.

The choice of Volvo's 5-spoke Canisto rims is an excellent one, right down to the Volvo emblem in the centre. The front grille is truly excellent and those light lenses are breathtaking in their depth of detail. Moving inside, the attention to detail of the interior is what sets DNA apart from its competitors, and that of the C70 is no exception.

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It's another absolutely astonishing release and that paintwork will ensure that it is always a highlight in your collection. Go on, it's the saintly thing to do.