Sporty Audi gets the DNA treatment and the result is stunning

08 December 2020
DNA Collectibles Audi RS3 8P Sportback (grey wheels)
Sporty Audi gets the DNA treatment and the result is stunning Images

PRICE: £139.99
REF: DNA000042
SCALE: 1/18

The 2011 Audi RS3 8P Sportback is part of the second generation of Audi S3s that used the Volkswagen Group 'A' platform. It was launched at the 2003 Geneva International Motor Show as the Type 8P and was designed by Gary Telaak.

The RS3 8P Sportback features an impressive specification - 2.5-litre turbocharged 5-cylinders turbocharged 335 bhp engine, and came with either seven speed semi-automatic or manual transmission. With a performance of 0-100 km/h in 4.6 seconds, it certainly has the power to surprise.

Never reproduced before at 1/18 scale, this very glamourous and powerful car has been superbly recreated in resin by DNA Collectibles, with the company's usual standards of the highest quality, splendid detail and stunning finish evident, as always.

DNA has realistically reproduced the typical slender shape of the RS3, and the Misano Red exterior paint colour embellishes the model's harmonious design. We also need to talk about the excellent, perforated 'honeycomb' front grille, through which you can actually see the photo-etched radiator. It just looks so real!

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Take note, as well, of the RS3 logos to the front and back that really add to the realism and offer a nice touch. Look at the distinctive grey wheels with the sporty front brake discs and calipers, with the respective RS performance logos printed on them.

To enlighten the exterior design of the car, this model is displayed with matte aluminum parts around the bumpers, the roof rack, the door handles, the mirrors and the spoiler. In addition, DNA Collectibles has put a significant amount of effort into the stylish headlights, with the lenticular Xenon bulbs and the characteristic LED light signature.

Moving inside, the first point to highlight is the fabulously recreated Recaro F1 bucket seats - you can even see the red diamond stitching on them! A pure beauty.  The RS3 logo on the steering wheel, the gear lever, the white carbon trims -  all the tiny photo-etched details have been replicated with extreme accuracy.

DNA Collectibles chose to produce two versions of the car due to a vote being split 50:50 on its social media pages - DNA000056 features black wheels - so the company took the decision to replicate the model with both wheels colours - the choice is yours!