Solido's wild things

09 January 2023
Solido Nissan GT-R (R35) Liberty Walk Body Kit and Nissan GT-R (R35) LB Silhouettes

Exactly twelve months ago I first came face to face with LB Works makeovers of the Nissan R35, thanks to Solido’s inaugural pair of releases in 1/18  (‘Road & Track’ – February 2022 issue of Diecast Collector). They have now been joined by a further pair of colour variations in 1/18 and two new 1/43 versions. Following on from last month’s spotlight on the Alfa Romeo Giulias in both 1/43 and 1/18, I am very quickly warming to seeing complementary models of the same vehicle (differentiated by subtle differences) released concurrently in both scales.

Wild in 1/18

That first pair of Nissan GT-R (R35) Liberty Walk Body Kit in Orange metallic and Mint green pastel are now joined by versions in Metallic Blue (S1805801) and Pearl Grey (S1805802). Whilst the Pearl Grey finish is perhaps a starker colour combination that the other three, it does, however, highlight the commendable carbon fibre texture finishes to the bonnet and rear wing that are but one detail facet of Japanese tuner Liberty Walk (LB Holdings Co. Ltd.)’s extensive LB Works Kaizo (remodelling). As with the previous releases, this pair are tremendous examples of (love them or hate them) style, attitude and detail.

Wild in 1/43

Concurrent and complementary then are the first pair of Solido’s 1/43 Nissan GT-R (R35) LB Silhouettes. Already impressed by the roll-out of this new 1/43 range from Solido in terms of both finish and breadth of international marque coverage, this pair have raised my interest even further thanks to their livery finishes. I put that observation in context of the market sector that these ‘collectors models’ are targeted at. The blue and black Calsonic (S4311202) version with its extensive, clear, well-applied and overprinted white markings - including on the tyres - is really well produced. Its black and gold JPS (S4311201) companion is similarly so. Yes JPS liveries and tributes abound already, but there is something about the extent, clarity and crispness of the gold pin-striping that really sets this version up as a stunner.

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Already several further releases in this 1/43 series are queuing up for review including a pair of 1989 Golf Rallye colour versions, which I am looking forward to seeing amongst the other new releases. Yet unlike the Alfa Romeo Giulias last month and the Nissan GT-R (R35) LBWs this month, there is, as yet and at the time of writing this, no 1/18 counterpart Golf Rallye in Solido’s catalogue. Maybe one is scheduled for 2023: I expect that by the time you read this we may know.