Solido's Renault Espace F1 goes for gold

20 December 2023
1/43 scale Solido Renault Espace F1
Solido's Renault Espace F1 goes for gold Images

We review Solido's new Renault Espace F1

SCALE: 1/43 
PRICE: £27.99 
REF: S4313901

To celebrate ten years of the Espace going on sale, in 1995, Renault joined forces with the Williams Grand Prix Engineering F1 team to create a one-off version of its original MPV.  With Renault supplying V10 engines to Williams, the Espace F1 was created. Built on a carbon fibre chassis, the body is also of reinforced carbon fibre, and is styled closely on that of the second generation Espace, albeit a more ‘muscular’ version with wider flanks to accommodate the increased track of both the front and rear wheels. There was also a substantial, roof-mounted rear wing in an attempt to provide some much-needed downforce for this incredible creation.

The Espace F1 produces 800bhp and the FW14's naturally-aspirated, 3.5-litre, 40-valve V10 engine is mounted in the middle of the car. This marvellous piece of engineering is rear-wheel-drive, fed through a six-speed, semi-automatic, sequential gearbox. Performance figures are claimed to be from 0-62mph in 2.8sec and 0-120mph in 6.9sec, with a top speed of 194mph. And it could still seat four people!

Solido’s wonderful replica, at 1/43 scale (a 1/18 to follow in the future would be amazing), recreates this unique beauty very well indeed, and at a great price. The shape looks superb, although the shade of gold does look a little flat compared to the real thing. The interior is nicely detailed too, with those four bucket seats for the lucky occupants present and these are complete with racing harnesses picked out in red.

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A pair of bonnet pins are marked by tiny decals and the graphics also include “Espace F1” to either side and the Renault logo on the roof of the car. There are also details picked out on the rear tailgate. The wheels are stunning and Solido has opted for the style that the car sported when it was brought back to life again in 2002, having been stored for several years, to celebrate Renault’s return to F1. Perhaps we will get another version with the original convex aero wheels? We can but hope. 

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