Solido's Renault 4CV in spring shades of green

11 April 2022
Solido’s recently released pair of 1/18 scale diecast Renault 4CV models have been eagerly awaited and their arrival was like a breath of Spring.
Solido's Renault 4CV in spring shades of green Images

Announced last year as part of Solido’s ambitious program of totally new 1/18 toolings (Racing into 2021, April 2021 issue) the first pair of very attractive and evocative Renault 4CV models have finally arrived in the marketplace. Originally conceived and designed covertly by Renault engineers during World War II, and with a post war development history caught up in circumstances surrounding the nationalisation of the company in January 1945, the 4CV’s public debut finally came at the 1946 Paris Motor Show. Series production commenced in August 1947 and ran until July 1961. During its production life, the 4CV achieved fame as the first French car to sell over a million examples and attracted the affectionate nickname "quatre pattes” (“four paws”).

This pair of first issue version 4CVs from Solido come, by chance, in refreshing seasonal shades of green. More variations, hinted at by the pre-production samples shown last year, are certain to follow.

Renault 4CV Convertible – 1951 (S1806601)

The short-lived, but now much sought after, Découvrable body style makes for a really super model. Resplendent in Vert Ardennes metallic paintwork with contrasting beige dashboard, interior and (folded) fabric of the convertible roof, it really looks the part. These 4CVs show how much attention and investment Solido are putting into its new products. Whilst this was really beginning to show last year, these Renaults display the next level in Solido’s tackling of classic subjects. The degree of detailing for models in the market sector they are aimed at is just delightful. On this version, for example, the texture of the folded cloth roof and its carriage frame is commendable, as are the white wall tyres that further enhance the chrome-detailed two-tone wheels shared by its companion.

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Renault 4CV Saloon – 1955 (S1806602)

Subtly attractive in its Vert D’Eau paintwork, red upholstery and ivory dashboard, the interior of the saloon is almost as accessible to view as that of the convertible’s, thanks to the 4CVs ‘suicide’ front doors. These hang on Solido’s new generation of door hinges, which are admirably discrete and, at the same time, deserve careful handling of the opening doors. From the dummy grilles (which differ appropriately according to manufacturing year between the two models) back to the tail end, a lot of careful attention has been given to the chrome and silver painted trim items, including that of beading strip between the rear wings and bodywork and discrete highlighting on the rear light clusters. An uplifting duo of new models that I look forward to seeing further versions of in due course - including the roof rack-equipped saloon as displayed by one of the pre-production samples shown to us last year.