Solido’s new 1965 Shelby Cobra under the spotlight

01 December 2023
Solido 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 reviewed
Solido’s new 1965 Shelby Cobra under the spotlight Images

The latest Solido 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 model has hit the shelves and what a beauty she is...

SCALE: 1/18 
PRICE: £55.99 
REF: 1804909

The story of how, in 1962, the pretty AC Ace became the mighty AC Cobra, with Ford’s awesome V8 shoehorned under the bonnet, has been well documented over the decades, but it was all basically down to one man – Carroll Shelby. The 1959 Le Mans 24 Hours winner had rightfully earnt the reputation of a man to be listened to, so when he approached AC with his idea of the engine transplant, AC took him very seriously and an iconic car was born.

As the car was developed, a new chassis was created to drop the even bigger 7.0-litre (427 V8 into. This bigger lump necessitated a bulge and air intake in the bonnet to accommodate it, further adding to the car’s incredible looks.

Solido’s latest version of its stunning, 1/18 scale replica of the Shelby Cobra is just exquisite in the sumptuous metallic red shade chosen, with those iconic, twin white Shelby stripes from front to back, of course. What sets this new release apart from previous models is the addition of the beautifully-recreated hardtop, finished to match the body. The hardtop is removable and the roll hoop is too. If you want to display the model with the hardtop off, the roll hoop fits neatly into three pre-drilled holes. It will need to be removed, though, should you prefer to display with the hardtop in place.

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The finish, as you can see, is nothing short of incredible. The depth of the colour is beautiful to behold and the metallic, almost mirror-like finish is flawless all over. The ‘knock off’ wheels (that’s a reference to the method used to remove them rather than infer that they were acquired illegally!) are excellent, as is the life-like, Goodyear-branded rubber that adorns them. The lines of the body are perfectly crafted, giving that oh-so-important and evocative look of this classic car the correct look and stance.

The interior is very nicely done too, with plenty of detail to enjoy – very important for a roadster, of course, because there is no hiding place if the hardtop is removed. Even if the top is in place, both doors open, so it’s still possible to enjoy the view inside. The front wheels are posable, and turning these turns the steering wheel too, although it’s quite a stiff movement, so this function can’t be operated in reverse!

This truly is a stunning replica, especially for the price. If you have ever been tempted to take a ride in one of these, either on road or track, this really is the next best thing – and it’s much cheaper too.

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