Solido in party mood

07 December 2022
Solido has gone through a succession of ownerships in its 90 year history, but its image has stayed consistent throughout
Solido in party mood Images

Promotional and celebratory models have long been part of the diecast scene – including, of course, the Diecast Collector releases – so, it is no surprise that Solido has released two limited edition 1/18 scale models as part of its 90th Anniversary.

Solido 90th Anniversary Editions

At least one quintessentially French image just had to be on the candidate short list. And so it fell to the Renault R4F4 van, in its plausible blue and white commercial livery of the Solido house colours (S1802207), to be the first up of this attractive pair.

Interestingly it has not been a French, but German automobile that has been Solido’s best-selling model in the new, post 2015 chapter, of the brand’s history. So it is that best selling BMW E30 M3 Coupé, much-loved by the ‘youngtimer’ following, which was chosen to be the base for the dramatic second anniversary model. A highly-embellished DTM version, in a fabulous black and gold livery therefore makes Solido’s E30 M3 Coupé a model looked set to go partying. With the deeply attractive, shimmering paint colours of the original cars, the next four models are strong contenders for turning heads at the party though.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and GTAm - 2021

With a pair of normal series production Quadrifoglios in the latest batch of 1/43 releases from Solido, and the 1/18 GTAm, the four together make a quad of Quadrifoglio. Marketed to celebrate 100 years of Alfa Romeo in a limited production run of  500 cars, the Alfa GTA and GTAm, at 176,500 € and 181,500 €  respectively, epitomise Alfa Romeo in an ultra modern way. Powered by a Ferrari-developed, 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6, the GTAm boasts an output of 533bhp.

Solido’s two variations of the GTAm theme replicate the extensive additions that were used to upgrade the standard Quadrifoglio. Externally, this includes adjustable carbon-fibre wing, and splitter front and rear, aerodynamic bodykit parts to the sides, the lowering, the new 20-inch alloy wheels, and vast carbon-ceramic brake discs.Whilst, internally, a full roll cage in place of the back seats, carbon-fibre bucket seat and six-point harness are all replicated faithfully as well. For me, red versions make a superbly-paired display with the 1/43 standard Quadrifoglio providing a perfect ‘inset’ display foil to the 1/18 GTAm that was developed from it.

Autobianchi A112 MK.5 Abarth - 1980 (S1803803)

Whilst in Italian mode, another recent Solido release is an eye-catching version of its A112 model in Alitalia colours – a livery familiar in rallying on the Fiat 131 Abarth and the official Lancia Stratos entries during the 1970s and '80s. As Solido explains, nowadays, it is also reproduced by some fans on their rally cars, as with this model. Again eye-catching and nicely-detailed.

Porsche 911 3.0 Carrera - 1977 (S1802605)

The temptation to over indulge at any party is ever present and is the excuse I am going to proffer for the irrational (but nevertheless very satisfying) desire to have not one, but two of the final Solido new releases I have time for this month. One of the best models - certainly one of the best value - of the “G” series 911 (930) on the market is this 3.0 Carrera in Gulf Orange. Right from the very well modelled “PORSCHE”-scripted rear reflector panel, which was the hallmark of the 1974 updating of the 911, to the tip of its front end, this is just such a great model in a perfect colour. Normally I fall back on the excuse of open and closed versions for wanting a pair of a new release. This time I have no such hiding place - and no shame because as Porsche adverts of the era said “There is no substitute …”