Solido 1990 BMW M3 E30 Sport Evo Black

12 September 2018
1990-BMW-M3-E30-Sport-Evo-Black-1-69429.jpg 1990 BMW M3 E30 Sport Evo Black
Great value for money from Solido's BMW M3 E30 Sport Evolution model
Solido 1990 BMW M3 E30 Sport Evo Black Images

Price: £49.99
Ref: S1801501
Scale: 1/18 scale

BMW's original E30 M3 became a performance car icon almost over night. Its mixture of power, poise and its ability to be really easy to live with made it so popular with performance motorists.

Much has been written about the BMW M3 before - indeed, the Ottomobile release of the car was the Editor's Choice in the July issue of Diecast Collector. However, this new release by Solido offered so much for such an inexpensive price, so it was worthy of inclusion here.

The E30 version of the M3 was launched in 1985. Powered by the magnificent S14 inline 4-cylinder engine, the first cars produced just shy of 200bhp. Over time, this crept up with the Sport Evolution models (EVO3) pushing 235bhp to their rear wheels.

The most noticeable change to the car from its more lowly siblings was the impressive 'box arch' bodywork. In conjunction with the deep front splitter, side skirts and rear spoiler, this bodywork gave the appearance of a race car on the road. Of course the reason for the big arches was to cover the equally big BBS alloy wheels that propped up each corner.
Inside, there were Recaro seats, with all the usual BMW luxuries.

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In all, more than 16,000 M3s were built before the final car left the line in early 1992. Today, original cars are highly prized and the prices of them have steadily risen.
It is no surprise that the E30 M3 has been the subject of a great many diecast models over time. Solido's latest offering offers a great deal for not a large outlay. It is worth mentioning that this is a diecast metal model, and so has opening doors.

It is based on the Sport Evolution model - the ultimate performance iteration of the car. Sadly the bonnet does not open, though. Inside, however, there are excellent replications of the late model Recaro seats in grey, with a red and grey diagonal striped insert. The grey steering wheel has black spokes and sits in front of the grey dashboard.
The lights are very well modeled, front and rear. There are body coloured door mirrors (not shown in the pictures) that the new owner must install. The wheels are of note too - the spokes are a very slightly darker shade of silver/grey to the rims adding another layer of realism.

The black paint is excellent on this example - black is hard to get right, and often on cheaper models this shows due to the preparation work needed to get it smooth. Not here, this paint is excellent.

My only criticism is the roof mounted aerial which is too thick and stubby - but I am nit picking.

This is an excellent value 1/18 scale model that displays very well and captures the look of this classic BMW.