Schuco's classic sports car is a real Triumph in British Racing Green

20 May 2021
Schuco PRO.R43 Triumph TR5 - British Racing Green
Schuco's classic sports car is a real Triumph in British Racing Green Images

PRICE: £93.99
REF: 45 088 6900
SCALE: 1/43

Designed by Giovanni Michelotti, Triumph's pretty TR5 only had a short production life, although it was almost visually identical to it predecessors - the TR4 and TR4A. What made the TR5 different, though, was the fitment of Triumph's 2.5 litre straight-six powerplant, replacing the company's venerable 2.0 litre straight-four.

The new engine, fitted with Lucas mechanical fuel-injection, produced 150 bhp - more than enough to give the car a new lease of life and justify its changed nomenclature. Just 2,947 examples were produced, with the first car assembled on 29 August 1967 and the last on 19 September 1968. Of these, 1,161 were destined for the UK market and the remainder were left-hand-drive, mainly exported to Europe. Bolstering the number somewhat, however, is the US version, fitted with twin Zenith-Stromberg carburettors instead of the Lucas fuel injection system. Designated TR250, an impressive 8,484 found their way over 'the pond'.

Schuco has chosen to model this British classic as part of its Pro.R43 range, which means it is a premium resincast. The amount of detailing that has been incorporated thanks to this decision more than justifies the higher price tag though.

The lines of Michelotti's beautiful design have been wonderfully miniaturised, and the finish is top notch. The "Surrey Top" rear screen was a popular option back in the day, so it's lovely to see it replicated here. The interior is marvellous.

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But the final word has to go to those wire wheels, as they are spectacular. The precision of manufacture is to be applauded. Good work, Schuco!