Schuco's big-scale Unimog is a whole load of truck

05 September 2022
Schuco Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 - blue
Schuco's big-scale Unimog is a whole load of truck Images

PRICE: £128.99
REF NO: SHU 00444
SCALE: 1/18

The Unimog Type 406 is an all-wheel drive truck manufactured by Mercedes-Benz from 1963 to 1989 at its Mercedes-Benz-Werk factory, in Gaggenau, and in Argentina at the Virrey del Pino plant, Buenos Aires, between 1968 and 1976.

The basic design, built on a ladder frame, incorporates four same-sized wheels and rear-wheel drive that is switchable to all-wheel drive, and also features a differential lock. Unlike its predecessor, the Type 401, the heavier duty 406 featured a truck engine as opposed to the 401’s car-derived unit and was mated to a fully-synchronised gearbox. Along with the all round improvements, the new powerplant transformed the new Unimog and went a long way to ensuring its longevity.

Over 37,000 had been sold by the time production ceased with many variants of the truly versatile vehicle appearing over the impressive twenty-six year run. Oh and if you’ve ever wondered where the name Unimog comes from, it is derived from the German phrase “universal motor gerät" (gerät translates as machine).

Schuco's large-scale replica is, as you can see, absolutely exquisite. Manufactured as a diecast, with some detailing parts in moulded plastic, of course, the level of extensive detail is nothing short of excellent.

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The beautifully-deep blue paintwork is absolutely gorgeous and, with opening doors to the cab affording an excellent view, the interior is very nicely appointed too. As shown in the photos, the rear bed area tips and the tailgate drops (to a certain extent), adding to the visual appeal.

With superbly-realistic tyres and excellent detailing to the underside, this really is a truly impressive model, and worth every penny.