Recover your collection with real French flair from CMR Replicars

15 May 2020
Classic Model Replicars (CMR) Citroën DS Tissier Car Transporter 1970 - red/white
Recover your collection with real French flair from CMR Replicars Images

PRICE: £103.99
SCALE: 1/18

Citroen's sublime DS needs no real introduction to most of us, but this spectacular conversion replicates a real vehicle, or one of several in fact, so definitely deserves a few words here first.

The concept of modifying Citroën's goddess was the brainchild of Pierre Tissier.In the early seventies, Tissier was a Panhard agent in Paris and would regularly travel to and from Spain transporting cars. At that time, there was no vehicle readily available to him that was really suitable, and offered both practicality and comfort. So Pierre built the first of many extended DS creations.

To make the concept of building multiple-wheeled vehicles based on the DS a reality, Tissier utilised the front end of the DS, with its front-wheel-drive, hydraulic suspension and brakes and mated it to a bespoke multi-axle flatbed to create his perfect utility vehicle.

This amazing transformation was finished in just three months. Depsite the fact that the original vehicle was built  for his own use,  it inevitably created quite a stir on its travels and received a lot of attention, of course. Soon, orders began to come in from many companies that wanted various bodywork conversions.

The concept was constantly amended and added to, producing a variety of vehicles for both commercial and domestic uses, with a number of different wheel configurations too. As the DS became the CX in 1975 the rear was enclosed and ambulances and camping vehicles were added to the list of options. The concept even stretched into the 1980s with the XM.

CMR has rightfully earnt a solid reputation for perfectly treading the tightrope between price and detailing, and this delightful diecast really pushes the limits of both, representing truly incredible value.

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At an impressive 18 inches long, it has real presence and can easily carry a suitable 1/18 scale Citroën (or Panhard, of course!). Extend the supplied ramps and it's extended a little more too!

The finish is simply gorgeous and the vibrant red is an outstanding choice, although it is also available in a rather beautifully subtle shade of blue- with the red decks retained for this version (No CMR 138) that looks every bit as stunning too.

Detailing throughout is wonderful - the texture of the loading area is worthy of note, in particular, as is the look of the interior seating.

Both versions are selling really fast everywhere, and understandably so.