Prepare to be impressed by this tiny iconic rally car

31 May 2022
Tarmac Works Lancia 037 Rally - Safari Rally 1984 #7 Alén/Kivimäki
Prepare to be impressed by this tiny iconic rally car Images

PRICE: £32.99
REF NO: T64P-TL002-84SAF07
SCALE: 1/64

Take a very close look. This is 1/64 scale! Yes, you read that correctly, all of these features are packed into an incredibly-detailed, small-scale replica of the mighty Lancia 037, wearing one of the most iconic motorsports liveries of all time.

Released under its premium HOBBY64+ brand, Tarmac Works has really put everything into this beauty. Packed with features and finished exquisitely throughout, this is the most impressive model I have ever seen at this scale.

The opening rear bodywork reveals an amazing level of detail at this size. There is even a scale-accurate, metal prop (supplied, but not shown here) to keep the section in an upright position. The model also comes with Marlboro decals to apply at home, to circumnavigate the anti-tobacco sponsorship regulations.

With realistic tyres on detailed wheel rims, excellent paintwork and sublime Martini stripe graphics, all of the logos and markings are also present. The protective cage, specific to rallies like the Safari, and the roof-mounted spare wheel are all correctly replicated, as are the extra spotlights on the A-pillars.

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Each model comes in a very impressive presentation case and outer box, with an individually-numbered certificate confirming its number in the limited production run. Interestingly, Tarmac Works hasn't specified the number this run is limited to, but this is #1948, so it's at least 2,000.

The price might seem a little high for a 1/64, but the quality of this is truly off the charts. These are selling like the proverbial just-out-of-the-oven baked treats, so make like Markku Alén and be quick off the line to get the prize.