Paying homage to the Mercedes-Benz SLR

12 October 2022
Looking at the GT Spirit Mercedes-Benz SLR MSO Edition
Paying homage to the Mercedes-Benz SLR Images

For six years, and starting in 2003, Mercedes-Benz, working in cooperation with McLaren Automotive, marketed a striking 21st-Century homage to the classic Mercedes-Benz 300SLR. Cessation of the scheduled production of that modern reincarnation, also badged as the SLR, in 2009, however, prompted McLaren to create a final 25 further examples for sale. Developed in 2010 by MSO (McLaren Special Operations), with changes to the interior, front bumpers, rear bumpers, side grilles, rear diffuser and the wheels, the already very expensive SLR became even more exclusive - and very expensive. The MSO upgrades alone added £150,000 to the price tag of the modified cars.

A perfect candidate then for GT Spirit to add a model of it to its growing back catalogue of over forty 1/18 scale resincasts representing top-end and tuned versions on a Mercedes-Benz theme.

Mercedes-Benz SLR MSO Edition - 2010 (GT365)

Setting aside the discussion of whether or not the modern SLR is, in reality, a homage to the 1950s classic, even though it has idiosyncratically-styled, high-tech versions of the gull wing doors, there is no doubt that it is an embodiment of modern automotive exotica.

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There is no doubt, either, about how well GT Spirit has captured not only the lines and detailing of the SLR MSO Edition, but its emotional essence. Black detailing and accenting over the dark metallic Selenite Grey paintwork doesn’t, at first, sound very inspiring, but the way that this model catches the light and seems to come alive is very impressive. Of course, the overall effect is helped immensely by the amount of attention that GT Spirit has managed to impart into the detailing of fittings, both internally and externally, including the minute McLaren body badging and wheel centre logos. Catch the light right and the copper-orange brake calipers make a subtly dramatic contrast to otherwise powerfully sombre, but expensively exclusive image of the MSO Edition.

Casting your eye away from the rather intimidating, but certainly dramatic bonnet line, which culminates in a robust statement of blacked Mercedes-Benz star, flanked by upper grille slats and attention fixing headlights, reveals some very intricate detailing. The deep, purposeful lower intake areas are fronted by very fine black mesh panels, into which auxiliary lights are very neatly set. And, as with the Artura last month, the gloss black tail panels also warrant close inspection to appreciate the amount of detail in them – including, again, a finely-detailed mesh grille panel and ancillary lower light clusters, all captured superbly here by GT Spirit.