Oxford’s terrific trio of Microcars will have us all forever admiring Bubbles

21 January 2019
Oxford-Diecast-3-Piece-Bubble-Car-Set-1-01156.jpg Oxford Diecast 3-Piece Bubble Car Set
Oxford Diecast 3-Piece Bubble Car Set
Oxford’s terrific trio of Microcars will have us all forever admiring Bubbles Images

Oxford Diecast 3-Piece Bubble Car Set

PRICE: £15.95
REF: 76SET62
SCALE: 1/76

Oxford Diecast seems to have a wonderful knack for sniffing out new models to release and this set is a perfect example of its thinking.

All three models have previously been released but it makes perfect sense to team them up for this little treat of a set.

Starting from left to right in the photo above, the BMW Isetta (76IS001) is painted in Signal Red, has a grey interior, a black sunroof and carries the registration number 60 PHN. Originally of Italian origin, designed and originally built by Iso SpA in the early 1950s, BMW took out a licence to manufacturer the Isetta in Germany. It's success here led it to acquire the Bubble Car moniker that has now become a generic term for all cars of this nature.

In the middle we have 76HE001 Heinkel Trojan, registered as 527 ERX, in Roman Blue with a cream interior, black sunroof and dashboard. The Trojan is a RHD version of the Heinkel Kabine, manufactured under licence by Trojan cars from 1960. Access is by a front opening door.

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Third in the line up is the fighter aircraft-like Messerschmitt KR200 Cabrio with its hinged cockpit access, registered 171 DPO and painted in lovely, bright Mimosa Yellow. The interior is black, as is the canvas-effect top, and unlike the other two in the set, the passenger sits directly behind the driver rather than alongside making it feel even more like an aircraft!

Despite their rather small size, truly living up to their microcar status, the level of detail is good - well apart from the oversized steering wheel on the Trojan. But that really is nitpicking. It actually looks a lot bigger in the photo than it does to the naked eye - what's that about the camera never lies?

So regardless of whether these have all previously been released, together they make a super little set and at this price I don't see how anyone could grumble! If you missed any or all of these three first time around then it's a no brainer, but even if you have all three already, this makes a nice addition to any collection of microcars at any scale.

Oxford is carving itself a nice little niche here.