Oxford's Jowett Juniper is truly out of this worldX

21 January 2019
Oxford-Diecast-Jowett-Jupiter-2-45440.jpg Oxford Diecast Jowett Jupiter
Oxford Diecast Jowett Jupiter - SA Green
Oxford's Jowett Juniper is truly out of this worldX Images

Oxford Diecast Jowett Jupiter - SA Green

PRICE: £24.95
REF: 43JUP001
SCALE: 1/43

Jowett was a manufacturer of light cars and light commercial vehicles in based in Idle, near Bradford, from 1906 to 1954.

Following the launch of the all new Jowett Javelin and its resulting competition successes, Jowett decided to use its power train in a sports car and joined forces with ERA and together persuaded Eberan von Eberhorst, formerly with Auto Union, to come to England, during which time he designed and developed what became the Jupiter's tubular steel chassis.

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Around 900 Jupiters were built from1950 to 1954, all of which were powered by a Jowett-designed 1486cc flat four pushrod engine of 60-62bhp in standard form. Of the Jupiters constructed 731 were the aluminium-bodied Mk1 with another 94 designated as Mk1a. A further 75 fully equipped Jupiter rolling chassis were sold to specialist coachbuilders like Stabilimenti Farina, Gebruder Beutler, Ghia Suisse, Richard Mead and Abbott of Farnham.

The factory built three sports-racing R1-type Jupiter variants for the Le Mans 24-hour races of 1951 and 1952 to capitalise on a standard Jupiter's class win at that race in 1950 (a future version please, Oxford!).

Hopefully this will be the first of many versions of this much-admired British sportscar. Oxford's first 1/43 scale replica from its brand new tooling has its hood up and is painted in British Racing Green with a cream canvas-effect soft top. The interior is moulded in dark beige with ivory seating, and the steering wheel and dashboard are mid brown. Registered JHS 365, a known survivor, the exterior detailing is finished in chrome with the Jowett Jupiter badge in chrome and red above the radiator.

An absolute peach, we really look forward to many more.