Oxford Diecast’s newly-tooled classic British sportscar is absolutely Ace(ca)

20 February 2019
Oxford-Diecast-AC-Aceca-2-54200.jpg Oxford Diecast AC Aceca
Oxford Diecast AC Aceca - Black
Oxford Diecast’s newly-tooled classic British sportscar is absolutely Ace(ca) Images

Oxford Diecast AC Aceca - Black

PRICE: £24.95
REF: 43ACE001

More new tooling from Oxford brings this much-admired British sportscar into its range for the first time at 1/43 scale.

The AC Aceca was produced by the AC Cars company between 1954 and 1963, having been revealed to the press and public at the 1954 Earls Court Motorshow.

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Based on the open two-seat AC Ace, the Aceca was a hand-built grand tourer in proper British tradition, with ash wood and steel tubing, over which the aluminium bodywork was hand-formed, used in its construction. Designed as a closed two-door coupé with 4-speed manual gearbox (with overdrive an option from 1956) and either a 2.0 (AC or Bristol) or 2.6 litre (Ford Zephyr) straight-six engine, one notable feature was the hatchback at the rear, making the Aceca only the second car, after the 1953 Aston Martin DB2/4, to incorporate this element - a feature that we take for granted today.

A total of 328 Acecas were built - 151 AC-engined, 169 Bristol-engined and just eight Zephyr-engined examples. The latter received strengthened front suspension to cope with that engine's extra weight.

Oxford's replica makes its debut in black with a red interior, and a black dashboard with tan instrument panel, carrying the registration VPL 441. The detail of the rear-view mirror perched on the top of the dash board is nice to see and an abundance of external silver trim extends to the detailed wire wheels and the bonnet vents. The superb paintwork rounds off a most pleasing little model.