Ocean racin’ with DNA Collectibles

09 June 2022
Looking at the latest release depicting another of Volvo’s ‘Ocean Race’ special editions.
Ocean racin’ with DNA Collectibles Images

The backstory to ‘Ocean Race’ is that it is sailing’s toughest around-the-world yacht race. Held every three years, with each edition of the race lasting for up to nine months, it was known previously as the “Volvo Ocean Race”. Then, in 2018, after twenty years of joint ownership Volvo Group and Volvo Car Group decided that it was time to relinquish control.  Since 2018, though, Volvo has continued to be involved as a sponsor, with the 2022-23 edition starting from Alicante, Spain, on 15 January 2023.  Volvo’s ‘Ocean Race’ models celebrate the company’s involvement in the event, with a very sound reason for marketing special edition versions of contemporary production models equipped with unique specification packages.

In addition to being a superb display companion for its previously-released V90 Cross Country 'Ocean Race’, DNA’s new XC70 ‘Ocean Race’ makes a great contribution to the company’s growing back catalogue  of the Volvo 70 series, including the two generations of V70 R, on which the XC70 is based.

2006 Volvo XC70 ‘Ocean Race’ (DNA000070)

Sharing a common chassis with the V70 R, the Cross Country adaptations to make the XC70 include All Wheel Drive and raised suspension, supplemented by practical protective trims to the wheel arches, unpainted bumpers and aluminium pack parts. The special edition upgrades included Ocean Blue paintwork and official logo badging externally, whilst the interior, offered in black or beige, was enhanced by bright blue aluminium trims to the door panels and centre console.

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Starting with that interior then, and with a detail often over-looked, the model features a full headlining and sun visor set that flows seamlessly down the A, B, C and D pillars to meet the door and tailgate cappings, and lower interior trim. DNA Collectibles has gone with the light beige rather than black interior option, making it much more visually accessible. The special blue aluminium trim additions to the already highly-detailed cabin equipment fittings are all readily visible.

Externally, yet again, it is difficult not to be repetitious with superlatives about the quality of finish and attention to detail achieved by DNA in its 1/18 resincast models. The immaculate dark blue metallic paintwork is complemented by the black and aluminium Cross Country trim pieces. As always, the degree of fine detailing to the light lenses, including the spoiler mounted high level brake light, is admirable. The same can be said about the badging and other small details that add the finishing touches