NZG's black beauty deserves plenty of prize rosettes

22 December 2020
NZG Scania V8 730S 4x2 - black
NZG's black beauty deserves plenty of prize rosettes Images

PRICE: 298.00 €
REF: 1019/51
SCALE: 1/18

Launched during the summer of 2016, Scania's S-series of tractor units, brought a whole new level of luxury to long distance driving. This truck had been developed for supreme comfort and style, with the focus on driver environment, interior space, safety and reliability.

The interior design brought a new level of refinement to the driving experience, with stylish interiors featuring perfectly matched colours, materials and finishes.

Improved visibility, upgraded lighting and more powerful yet efficient engines added to the appeal to both operators and drivers alike. The new highliner variant meant that this was the highest cab offered by Scania at the time, adding to the comfort on particularly long-distance trips.

Engines were specified up to the massive 730hp, 16-litre V8 - and this is where NZG's marvellous new model steps into the spotlight - the V8 730S...

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So let's not mince our words here, this is a proper monster of a model, and that's very appropriate given the subject matter.

With a length of 331 mm, NZG's incredible new replica is 166 mm wide and is an impressive 222 mm tall. The stunning black paint job just adds to its menacing presence, and the 'straight-in-your-face' "V8" graphics to either side leave you in no uncertain terms as to what lurks beneath the real vehicle on which this was modelled.

At 1/18 scale, this is a considerable investment of space, but it's worth every penny (or euro cent, depending on where you buy this). The features are plenty and, given NZG's reputation, the build quality is not surprisingly superb.

The front axle is steerable and the cab can be tilted, affording access to the V8 engine, which features some excellent detailing. There is also an opening service flap. The chassis is sprung and, to the 
rear, the fifth wheel coupling is lockable.

Both cab doors open, revealing a sumptuously-detailed interior, with excellent upholstery - even the armrests are adjustable - and a wealth of dashboard detail. The roof spoiler is adjustable and there are two brake chocks included.

Finally, as if this wasn't all enough, there is a chromed accessory set, No 10192, available separately that comprises a tiltable 'ram' bar, front bar with marker lights, and two side bars with marker lights. Just wow!