Now for a diecast model than you can really play with!

09 December 2019
Siku Control32 ClaasXerion 5000 Trac VC Tractor
Now for a diecast model than you can really play with! Images

PRICE: £229.00
REF: 6791
SCALE: 1.32

SIKU'S newly tooled Bluetooth controlled ClaasXerion 5000 Trac VC tractor uses an Android or Apple mobile device loaded with the free app as the controller.  Alternatively for an extra £40.00 the tractor can be bought with Siku’s own Bluetooth hand controller. The largely diecast tractor is well-built and good-looking with the three AA batteries that power the tractor (not supplied) hidden under the bonnet. It’s equipped with folding driving mirrors, road warning signs and, in the cab, a driver dressed in Claas overalls. There’s also a weight and manually operated A-frame linkage for fitting on the bumper. Setup is really easy as the controller and tractor connect automatically. With the app it’s possible to name the tractor during setup and it also allows control of the tractor’s forward speed and travel direction either using a virtual joystick or the device’s motion and tilt sensors. The tractor works up to 25 metres from the controller and, with all its wheels driven, has plenty of pulling power. It has, selected remotely, four steering modes. Using single axle mode gives the tractor a turning circle of around 900mm while switching to all wheel steering reduces this by half. Then there are two crab steering options. As well as different steering modes the cab position reverses using the app. To make operation easy the app, whatever the cab position, always sees the cab front as forward. Other remote operated features include the rear linkage, the tipping trailer port, lights, warning beacons and indicators.  Three different settings are available for the lights and two for the warning beacons. Although not cheap, with all its realistic working features, it is great value.

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