New releases from Solido

14 February 2023
Well-detailed and eclectic range of 1/43 model cars
New releases from Solido Images

In addition to its roll out of new tooling representing classic and popular subjects, Solido has certainly boosted its ever strengthening position in the diecast market with some focused themes. These include its new range of consistently well-detailed and international, eclectic range of 1/43 model cars, and a continuation of the concerted effort to release authentically-detailed and liveried 1/18 models in its ‘Compétition’ range.

Solido classic Citroëns

When thinking about quintessentially French automobiles, the classic Citroën Type HY van is invariably one of the images that springs to mind. Not surprisingly, Solido has already released no less than sixteen versions of its 1/18 diecast take on the theme. In addition to the obvious changes of liveries, the toolings have been regularly changed to incorporate several variations of opening features, including front doors, engine hood and rear hatch. Commendably, this latest version brings us another retool to represent a very familiar image of the HY, with openable servery hatch to the LHS of the bodywork, with a sliding side door to the RHS, as Type HY Friterie Ch'ti Biloute - 1969 (S1804817). Resplendent in its red and white paintwork, and complete with detailed servery interior, this version is as enticing as the fries that it creates a hunger for.

Companion Citroën releases bring us another new tooling, this time of another effectively unique image from the 1970s, with the virtually indestructible, plastic-bodied, 2CV-derived Mehari. Solido’s first two versions represent the Mehari Mk.1 - 1969 in Orange Kirghiz (S1808201), with tarp roof, and fully open in Vert Montana (S1808202). Being such an open-bodied vehicle, the delight in the models is gained as much from the very accessible interiors as the exteriors. The foldable windscreen is just the cherry on the icing on these delightful, evocative new releases.

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Iconic Italians from Solido

The Delta HF Integrale with its 4WD, much-modified bodywork and extensive re-engineering of Giorgio Guigaro’s original design, based on Fiat Ritmo components, led Lancia into an incredibly-successful rally programme.

Solido’s most recent takes on it is a 1991 street version, in Rosso Corsa (S1807801), and a rally version of C.Sainz/L.Moya #3 Acropolis Rally 1993 (S1807802). The former is one of those models that I just couldn’t take my eyes off during the photoshoot, thanks to its captivating charisma, enticing finish and detailing. The latter is one of this month’s two perfect examples of why Solido’s ‘Compétition’ range is so just successful for similar reasons.

BMW Hartge style

As with the Acropolis Rally Lancia Delta HF Integrale, this BMW E30 M3 Gr. A  of I.Carlsson/ P.Carlsson #3 from the 1990 ADAC Rally Deutschland (S1801514) is so nicely modelled and eye-catchingly distinctive that, for me, it is one of the highlights of recent ‘Compétition’ releases. Superb 1/43s Solido’s excellent 1/43 new releases just keep coming, and recent additions to the range include two very neatly-modelled French subjects and one from Germany. First up is the (still) very pleasingly styled Peugeot 306 S16 - 1994 in Blue Metallic (S4311401) and Gold Metallic (S4311402). Then a styling of an era in the form of the Citroën CX GTI Turbo II - 1990 in Grey Metallic (S4311701) and Red Metallic (S4311702). And finally another subject that I know is going to be very much welcomed by Volkswagen fans – the Golf Rallye 1989 in Tornado Red (S4311301) and Blue Pearl (S4311302). Each of these releases continues that consistent level of good detailing and finish that has become a hallmark of this series throughout 2022, with perhaps the Gold Metallic Peugeot 306 standing out as the most visually attractive of the group. It was however only just pipped to the post as my favourite of month by the two models in stunning red - the 1/43 Golf Rallye and 1/18 Lancia Delta HF Integrale.

Synergy and contrast from Solido

Arguably both cars have a lot in common being iterative developments of the original designs culminating in powerful 4WD that turned domestic hatchbacks into seriously competitive rally cars. In addition to their transmission, drive and power plants both had extensive, specially developed, sets of body panels and unique specification upgrades. Admittedly the Lancia Delta HF Integrale ultimately became the far more successful competition car of the pair but the Golf Rallye with its Syncro drivetrain marked a highpoint in the development of the second generation Golf range. A generation that thanks to  many of its late series versions is considered by many VW fans as still the most desirable out of the eight generations of Golf development.

In common with many of its 1/43 range stablemates, the Golf carries a lot of authentic, small details, including good representation of the unique front styling and the era-indicative ‘bee sting’ radio aerial. The small detail that really appealed to me are the Golf Rallye number plates that totally capture the style used by VW in sales brochure images.

As for the 1/18 Lancia Delta HF Integrale, that red finish – so classically associated with Italian automobiles – makes a superb colour choice to highlight the detailing as well as showing off the widened arch body panels to good advantage when viewed from front and rear three-quarter view points.

All in all, a group of releases that engendered a lot of energy use to the extent that I am feeling quite hungry for a serving of frites… and pass the mayonnaise as well please.