New Esval HRG models released

24 October 2023
Esval 1947 HRG 1500 Roadster
New Esval HRG models released Images

PRICE: from £85.00
SCALE: 1/43

Esval’s long-awaited models of the 1947 H.R.G. 1500 have been released and our specialist on hand-built models, Charles Barnett, tells us more...

The models were shown in prototype form in David Wright’s excellent article on the H.R.G. marque and models in the June 2023 issue (buy a digital copy here), and the production versions differ from these in some details, notably the windscreens, which are now photo-etched. The colour shades on the open versions are a little different, and on the red open version and the green top-up one, the inside of the wings are now body colour rather than beige.

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All are very well-finished and detailed, down to the decal for the fascia dials and switches, and each represents one particular car, so there are significant differences between each model apart from the colour. For example, the bonnet louvres are to different patterns, two of the cars have bonnet straps and three have the little studs atop the bonnet on which each side rests when open. The front and rear chassis ends have different finishes too, and the wheels are all finished in different ways, authentic to the original subject. The blue open car with its competition numbers on the doors looks all set for a rally, and the two top-up versions with the trunk behind the seats, look ready for long-distance touring.

I would agree with David’s comment in his June article that these are the first built models of the H.R.G., though there have been various kits, as he details so comprehensively. The new Esvals are all very fine replicas, and the main problem for any enthusiast, will be which version (or versions!) to choose. Esval are making only 125 of each version though, so my advice would be to nab one sooner rather than later. Your chosen supplier should have them available now, at around £85-90.00 apiece. Alternatively, Esval will sell you them direct, at $99.99.

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