Muscle flexin' American's

13 July 2023
Two very charismatic, yet very different, American muscle cars.

Whilst both these models are 1/18 scale, the first up, from Solido, is a diecast of a limited edition, close-out series production car whilst the other, from GT Spirit, is a sealed resin portrayal of a unique custom car. Both have a lot in common, though, in that they each totally epitomise the American Muscle car image.

Solido Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat – 2023 (S1805709)

Just proving that (almost) all black can be just as striking as vivid paint jobs, Solido’s latest Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody is a visual treat of a model. Depicting the ‘Black Ghost’ version in Dodge’s line up of seven special edition models to mark the close-out of the series, the model captures the original totally. With just 300 examples said to have been produced, the ‘Black Ghost’ boasts a 6.2-litre, V8 engine delivering over 800bhp, and trim details that pay homage to the original Challenger.

In many ways, the model’s high gloss black paintwork helps to emphasise these details, like the Gator skin vinyl graphics on the roof and retro badging of scripted Challenger badges on the wings, chrome Dodge branding on the nose and SRT grille badging. With high contrast to the paintwork, the brightwork wheel rims look really good, whilst interior detailing similarly stretches out to capture that of the full size ‘Black Ghost’. Being a diecast model, the interior is visually accessible in greater detail by opening the doors, whilst movable front wheels assist in posing the model in the display cabinet to show off the rims to their best advantage. With its distinctive white tail banding, this is another example of just how good Solido’s current 1/18 diecasts are. It’s well presented, nicely modelled and really looks the part.

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GT Spirit Ford Mustang by Ruffian Cars - 1970/2019 (GT426)

By way of contrast to Solido’s model of a series production car, this latest flex of American muscle from GT Spirit is one a unique one off custom from California. Ponies are generally associated with sounds like whinnying, neighing and snorting, but this one growls, thanks to its 7.0-litre engine capable of delivering 625bhp. Arguably, an ultimate Pony car, this 1970 vintage Mustang was customised into the widebody muscle flexer it is today by software designer Chris Ashton under the banner of Ruffian Cars. Customised, that is, painstakingly by hand during his spare time to create a Mustang built as a race car that he could also drive to work on Fridays. It was inspired by the Trans Am race cars of the late '60s and early '70s and can now be found stalking the streets, car cruises, and autocross events of Southern California.

Now this superb, extensively-detailed release from GT Spirit comes with a twist. The original car which it models is finished in Mangetout Green, whereas this model is finished in Cavalry Blue. The reason for that is that there are two versions of the GT Spirit model - the general release version photographed here and an exclusive, 500-piece green version made for ACME Diecast’s USA Exclusive series under catalogue number US064. You pays your money and you takes your choice - or both if you can get them.