Look back to the glory days of buses in Manchester with forward models

21 March 2019
Forward-Models-Manchester-Corporation-Transport-Daimler-CVG6K-21037.jpg Forward Models Manchester Corporation Transport Daimler CVG6K
Look back to the glory days of buses in Manchester with forward models
Look back to the glory days of buses in Manchester with forward models Images


Forward Models Manchester Corporation Transport Daimler CVG6K

PRICE: £58.00
REF NO: GDM – 20
SCALE: 1/76

The Daimler Company was a manufacturer of buses between 1911 and 1973 and its CVG6 is a variant of the Daimler-chassised CV series bus, fitted with a Gardner 6LW/6LX engine. This particular version features the well-known 'tin front' style of bodywork.

Forward Models is an established manufacturer of models buses, specialising in vintage machinery from Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and several other British cities. It began by producing a range of 1/76 scale model buses from Birmingham. Well received, further models followed from Hull, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

This new series of buses celebrates what Derek Perry, Forward Models' Managing Director, describes as "the glory days of the British bus".

The latest release by Forward Models is this Daimler CVG6K in Manchester Corporation livery, representing one of the last traditional half cab buses to be used by British municipal fleets.

This particular model (its sibling, also available right now, is in Glasgow Corporation colours) depicts one of the late 1954 batch of Daimler CVG6K buses with MCCW bodies. These buses lasted until transfer to SELNEC in 1969. Each design is limited to 500 pieces.

Numbered 4474 (NNB 284), the model is on route 95 to East Didsbury. It carries advertisements for Crawford’s Cream Crackers and Heinz Ketchup, printed to Forward Models’ usual high standards. A separate sheet of transfers provides four other destinations. The red and cream livery is the original colour scheme from the 1950s.

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These latest models are packaged in Forward Models' new see-through carton. A stylish acrylic lid allows the model to still be visible when displayed in its box. The new packaging also carries a new logo, based on the 'tin front' bonnet badge.

It's a splendid model with flawless paintwork and the evocative advertisements really add to the overall appeal.

The interior is nicely replicated in plastic and the windows that would have opened on the real bus are replicated with printed detail.

A fabulous model, made to Forward Models' usual high standards, and a marvellous addition to your bus garage.