KK-Scale celebrates 60 years of this Italian beauty in complete style

25 August 2022
KK-Scale 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO
KK-Scale celebrates 60 years of this Italian beauty in complete style Images

PRICE: £79.95 each
REF NO: KKDC180734 (#172) & KKDC180735 (#19)
SCALE: 1/18

Ferrari's beautiful and coveted 250 GTO is a GT racing car produced by Ferrari from 1962 to 1964 for homologation into the FIA's Group 3 Grand Touring Car category. It was powered by Ferrari's Tipo 168/62 Colombo V12 engine.

The '250' in its name denotes the displacement in cubic centimetres of each of its cylinders and 'GTO' stands for Gran Turismo Omologato, Italian for Grand Touring Homologated. Just 36 of these gorgeous cars were manufactured between 1962 and 1964.

We have two of KK-Scale's latest releases to enjoy here - No KKDC180734 (the silver #172 model) is a faithful replica of the 1964 Tour de France Automobile winner, with all the correct markings of the successful car crewed by Lucien Bianchi and Georges Berger.

No KKDC180735 (red #19) is a sublime model of the car that finished in 2nd place at the 1962 Le Mans 24 Hours in the hands of Pierre Noblet and Jean Guichet. The pair finished behind the winning factory Ferrari 330 TRI/LM of Olivier Gendebien and Phil Hill - an impressive result for a privateer.

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KK-Scale's diecast 250 GTO model is a stunning replica of these famous Maranello beauties, with some truly magnificent detailing. Great attention has been paid to the shape, front air intakes, lights, grille, wheels, bonnet bulge, and rear styling. Fine differences between the models have been picked up too. The small deflector on the bonnet of the red Le Mans entry and the aerodynamic addition to the rear flank outlet on the same car  being just two that immediately jump out on first inspection.

Turning to the interior, the wood-rimmed steering wheel is sublime - take a moment or two to fully appreciate the finish of the replication here. And the seats look very realistic indeed. The same can be said of the gear lever, and the dashboard features some excellent instrumentation to enjoy as well. KK-Scale has released six of these most beautiful diecast creations so far. In addition to the two reviewed here, there are two plain-coloured cars (red or blue) a Targa Florio entry from the 1964 event, and a non-event-specific version of the David Piper Racing car in the team's famous green. David ran his car in so many events that decals for post-purchase application have been included from four races - the choice is yours!

With this level of detailing (just look at those exquisite wire wheels, for starters), each model represents superb value for money. And how good do these two look together? Imagine what an impressive grid you could create with all six, or nine if you had four of the Piper cars, one for each of the decal options.