Join a new club and improve your game with DNA's new Golf GTI Clubsport S

23 April 2021
DNA Collectibles Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S
Join a new club and improve your game with DNA's new Golf GTI Clubsport S Images

PRICE: £150.99
REF: DNA000037
SCALE: 1/18

The most extreme Golf GTI ever built by the factory. This car was designed with track in mind and, as if to prove that, it beat the record at the Nürburgring for the traction hatchback category in 2017.

With insane performance, a tweaked chassis, and weight reduction, this car became fast - really fast! As big fans of VW models, of course DNA Collectibles wouldn't miss the opportunity to reproduce the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S.

A 1/18 scale resincast, the model is absolutely rammed with the sort of attention to detail and quality that we have come to expect from our passionate friends in Switzerland. Limited to just 320 examples, each chassis is individually numbered.

As usual, the body colour was chosen by the company's enthusiastic social media community. It also chose to reproduce the more aggressive black pack version, which features the characteristic black 'Pretoria' 19" wheels, black side mirrors and of course the black roof.

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Taking a closer look at the exterior features of the model, you will notice the perforated brake discs - and even the Clubsport S sticker on the brake calipers. There are neat Clubsport S graphics to the rear of the side trim panels too.

The sharp body kit has all of the shiny black accents present, from the extra lip on the front and side skirts, to the rear spoiler extension. And, of course, there are those now legendary super-realistic light lenses front and rear, plus the finesse to the lower grille in particular is absolutely outstanding.

Moving inside, aesthetically this special edition differs from a standard version, coming with Recaro F1 fabric bucket seats with a honeycomb pattern (this detail is present on the model, of course). In order to strengthen the chassis, the back seats were removed and this crazy Golf is equipped with a strut bar. Once you get your hands on this incredible replica, you might even notice that DNA pushed the detailing so far that you can even read the lettering on both the indicator and wiper stalks (left and right sides of the steering wheel, respectively).

Racing spirit is everywhere on this Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S, from the red center stitching on the steering wheel, to the G-force gauges on the multimedia screen. The level of detail is, again, totally mesmerising.

This is another simply stunning release from DNA Collectibles, and should be included in every modern Volkswagen enthusiast's collection. Make sure you act fast to secure yours.