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03 July 2023
Tecnomodel Ferrari Dino 246 - Winner F1 British GP 1958
It's all in the detail... Images

PRICE: £296.99
REF NO: 18116B
SCALE: 1/18

Held at Silverstone, on 19th July, the 1958 British Grand Prix was won by talented Englishman, Peter Collins. It was his third Grand Prix win. He also won the 1955 Targa Florio with Stirling Moss. Sadly, Collins died during the German Grand Prix, just a few weeks after this Silverstone win.

The stunning products that Tecnomodel produce are well-known to us all now, but everytime we handle a sample of the company's miniature engineering masterpieces, there is always that feeling of excitement. Each model comes in Tecnomodel's own special style of packaging, largely premium card-based and incredibly classy. It requires a certain procedure and several steps, making the whole process almost like a game of  'pass-the-parcel', with each layer getting you one step closer to the prize - but the best bit is that you know it will always be you revealing the final piece.

Each model is a limited edition resincast, painstakingly researched and reproduced. The paintwork is always flawless, as is most definitely the case here. Plus, the standard of detailing is absolutely top notch. Just take a look at the photos here - the wire wheels, tyre tread and bodywork vents are all absolutely exquisite, for starters. Then we have the cockpit, with the limited instrumentation (as was the norm at the time) all beautifully-reproduced, plus that steering wheel is a work of art in itself - they were thin-rimmed in those days and the replication of that style here is absolutely spot on. The bonnet catches are another example of the attention to detail lavished on its models by the company.

The graphics may be incredibly simple - again, that's how it was back then - but the roundels and numbers, plus those Ferrari emblems are just perfect.  And then there's the driver figure of Peter Collins, which is a really excellent likeness. Some collectors prefer their replicas without driver figures, but when a car replicates a single event, particularly when it's a winner, it just seems right to have one.

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Put all these elements together and you have a truly stunning replica of a famous victory. Only 75 of these beautiful models have been produced, so don't let someone else get to the chequered flag first!