In sharp Focus

09 February 2022
OttOmobile’s Ford brand collection is growing steadily. Its latest addition is an absolute gem...
In sharp Focus Images

OttOmobile’s recently released Ford Focus Mk.2 RS (OT381) is an absolute stunner, and a very sharp example of just how charismatic 1/18 scale resincast scale models can be. Now into its fourth generation, after being introduced in 1998 as a replacement for the Escort series, Ford intended the Focus to be a universal ‘worldwide’ model. As a result it was, in many respects, a rather ubiquitous, amorphous, design.  It is therefore pleasantly surprising just how attractive this model is. It helps, of course, that the subject is the upmarket RS version Focus, the specification of which lifted the car significantly above the far more mundane family shopping versions.

Resplendent in immaculate Ultimate Green paintwork, of which the pearl effect finish is really impressive, and so attractively accented by the black RS trim, the sculptured lines of the bodykit panels of course enhance the opportunities for the paintwork to catch the light and, in doing so, further lift the whole appeal of the model. Although the tailgate and rear side windows are given authentic levels of tinting, the clear glazing of the deep raked windscreen and door windows allows plenty of light into the interior. This then affords ample opportunity for the lime green and black upholstery to very visibly further accent the model. In addition, the fully detailed dashboard, controls and door panels are far more visible than on many models.

Whilst the side view of OttOmobile’s second generation RS draws the eye to the crisply detailed alloys and bodykit panels, the front and rear does the same to some very sharp detailing. At both full and three-quarters frontal views, the high gloss of the chin grille, upper radiator grille and door mirrors contrast really well with the matt black of the wiper blades, scuttle and dash top. That chin grille arrangement is particularly well modelled, complete with fine meshwork. Crystal clear front light lenses cover the sort of complex design lighting units now common on the majority of modern cars. These, and the fog lights below them, are fully detailed and look superb, even under the scrutiny of close-up photography.

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At the tail end, that signature tailgate spoiler and matching high gloss black under bumper panel complete the accenting. Whilst the rear spoiler and black rear window lead the eye to the high set rear light units, the under bumper panel gives a very solid visual setting for the large bore, chromed tipped, exhaust pipes. The inset red-lensed rear foglight is very neatly modelled, as are the period fashionable white-lensed high set rear lights and matching reversing lamp, the red edging to each is exceptionally cleanly modelled. All in all a real visual treat.