GT Spirit McLaren Artura (GT400)

08 September 2022
Stephen Paul Hardy voted a McLaren GT his winner in a Group Test of four GT Spirit models - A Knightsbridge quartet. So, with eager anticipation, he gets his hands on the latest companion McLaren release.
GT Spirit McLaren Artura (GT400) Images

Previously, in that Group Test, I made the confession in relation to GT Spirit’s  McLaren GT (GT299) that “… I have to be bluntly honest, the modern exotic GT is not an automotive theme that particularly attracts me, but, by the same token, and as equally blunt, as a model this is a stunner. I love it.” Well maybe I’m warming to the occasional taste of the modern exotic, because I feel exactly the same about this latest release from GT Spirit.

McLaren Artura (GT400)

Contemporary automotive exotica demands stunning, low-cut body styling combined with awesome power output potential, all gift wrapped with attention grabbing finishes. And I have to say that is exactly what this model conveys. Given that the Artura sits so low, let’s start at ground level for a change. Externally if something isn’t finished in sparkling pale lime green metallic then its black - and high gloss black at that.

The spider’s leg effect of the ultra thin-spoke webs of the large-diameter alloy rims leave the massive brake discs and callipers very visible in their contrasting surface finishes. The lip of the chin spoiler adds drama to the full frontal impact of the Arturo’s styling, with its complex angular interactions of body panel styling. Intake and lighting apertures are beautifully captured, again enhanced by the contrast between the main paintwork and black accenting. Flipping to the (business) tail end, the gloss black lower panel is topped by a matt black perforated panel carrying the McLaren badging and tail pipe exit points. Moving further upwards, over the spoilered tail lip, sits another perforated matt black panel over the engine and set aft of the curved rear window itself topped by the third, high level, brake light. That light unit and its complementing left and right main tail lamp units are all in crystal clear white lensing, which, if you look closely, very cleverly replicates the impression of the underlying red of the LEDs in a way almost as sparkly as the deeply inset headlights.

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The interior is black, with contrasting light upholstery facings catching the light and the eye, adding to the dramatic overall effect. Indeed, the way that the model capturers the light generally on its cleanly-modelled panel work and immaculate paintwork makes this take on the Artura a stunningly attractive display model. So much so that I am beginning to see the artistic attraction in (some) modern automotive exotica as exponents, in their own way, of the sort of styling flair that I like so much in many late 1930/40s coach-worked sports cars.