Greenlight Collectible's trio of famous movie Minis are just the job

21 September 2020
Greenlight Collectibles 1967 Austin Mini Cooper S 1275 Mk1 The Italian Job 1969

PRICE: £8.99 each
REF: 44880A (blue), 44880B (red) & 44880C (white)
SCALE: 1/64

As a self-confessed Mini nut, The Italian Job is obviously one of my favourite films. Add into the mix the fact that I have a very large and soft spot for 1/64 scale models and the whole combination means that these tick all the right boxes for me.

On top of that, these really are superb little replications of the film's hero cars, with an excellent body shape, the right number of auxiliary spotlights (with the central one correctly mounted slightly higher) and nicely sculpted miniature Minilite wheels. The leather bonnet straps are tampo-printed on, but at this scale it works very nicely indeed. The interior isn't forgotten about either and is easily visible through the three Minis' ample glazed areas.

In the film, the three Minis are used as getaway cars in an audacious gold bullion robbery in the middle of Turin, complete with strengthened boot floors and fast drivers.

The models come in super colourful and suitably-themed blister packs that are more than good enough to display without breaking them open. I forced (?) myself to buy two sets, one trio so I could open them to take the photo below (now proudly on display at home) and one set to keep.

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Now all we need are a suitably-scaled Bedford VAL 14 Harrington Legionnaire coach and a trip to Turin to re-enact all the film sequences! But I won't be pushing the Minis over a cliff, obviously.

So are you humming the song yet? I've been doing so since I started typing this! And now will be for hours. Come on then, all together now...