Go wild! Treat yourself to a new model Buick from the NB Center collection

27 January 2022
Brooklin Models 1967 Buick Wildcat 4-Door Hardtop
Go wild! Treat yourself to a new model Buick from the NB Center collection Images

PRICE: £233.00
SCALE: 1/43

buick's Wildcat first appeared as a fibreglass concept car in 1953. This was quickly followed by the Wildcat II concept in 1954. The Wildcat name would go on to appear on many Buick concept cars for decades to come.

The Buick Wildcat in production form was a full-size automobile that debuted in 1962 and remained in production through the 1970 model year. The 1967 Wildcats debuted on September 29, 1966, and remained the mid priced full-size car with the sporty features. The body was shared with the mid-level LeSabre series of cars, but the Wildcat got its own trim and details.

Six standard Brooklin Models have received a super-detailing treatment. This one is the 1967 Buick Wildcat 4-Door Hardtop. It is beautifully finished in the same colour as the standard model (Burgundy Mist Poly with a satin, vinyl effect roof with maroon interior).

The additional detailing includes the fine bright scraping of the front, rear and side screen surrounds, quarter lights and wheel arch edges. A Buick badging transfer is applied to the bonnet, with Wildcat badges on the rear wings and boot, also transfers. The radio aerial is fully extended and, unlike many aerials that are modelled, is quite rigid. The driver’s door sports a rear view mirror. The only other extra detail readily visible from the outside is the interior rear view mirror.

Extensive door furniture makes for additional detail, including handles, winders, and even door lock buttons. On this NB Center Collection 'special', the fascia is represented by a plated insert.

A certificate signed by Brooklin Models Director, Simon Elford, plus a card signed by all those involved in production and distribution at Brooklin Models is included. The certificate and signed card will only be included in the first fifty models of the production run.

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The model comes in the first type flap design luxury box with the model displayed in a Perspex case, which does give it a special feel compared to the standard models. A full colour booklet is also included giving a potted history of the car, and specifications.

Although not readily different from the standard model, closer inspection does reveal the extra detail and gives the NB Center Collection Buick Wildcat that additional wow factor. It is a beautiful model, well executed and well presented.

The Buick, and the other models in the NB Center Collection, are available from the NB Center in Allenton, USA, or direct from Brooklin Models in the UK.