Go trucking with a brace of Ixo's amazing American tractor units

20 April 2020
Ixo 1993 Freightliner FLA - metallic blue & 1955 Peterbilt 281 - dark green
Go trucking with a brace of Ixo's amazing American tractor units Images

PRICE: £32.99 each
REF NO: TR046 (Freightliner) & TR048 (Peterbilt)
SCALE: 1/43

If classic trucks from the USA are your thing, then Ixo's latest brace of releases in 1/43 scale should have you reaching for your wallet. Even if they're not on your usual collecting radar, then this pair may well tempt you down that road!

Freightliner Trucks is an American truck manufacturer. Founded in 1929 as the truck-manufacturing division of Consolidated Freightways (from which it derives its name), the company was established in 1942 as Freightliner Corporation. Owned by Daimler AG since 1981, Freightliner is now a part of Daimler subsidiary Daimler Trucks North America.

The design and styling of the heavy duty cab-over FLA goes right back to the late 1950s, when Freightliner introduced the first fully tilting cab in the USA, allowing easy access to the mechanicals underneath. With its longevity of styling, it has become an icon of the US movie industry.

The Peterbilt 281/351 is a range of tractor units built from 1954 until 1976. The 281 series had a single drive axle, the 351 two. It was very popular with truckers, with the 351 series outlasting the 281. A "Needlenose" model 281 was featured in the Stephen Spileberg movie, Duel, in 1971.

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It earned the nickname "Needlenose" from its narrow nose and butterfly hood, with the ease of engine access and superior visibility making it very well liked. As with its companion series, 351, the 281 had only two small round headlights.

Both models are excellent replications of the real trucks and represent truly astonishing value from Ixo at an incredible £32.99 each. With the amount of detail included, these mighty trucks should really be expected to be priced at much more in this impressive scale of 1/43, making them quite sizeable and great for display as they will really make a statement in any collection.

With diecast cabs and chassis, the models are both sturdy and have a real quality feel about them. Detailing, such as mirrors, bumpers, fuel tanks, exhausts, fifth wheel etc., are all moulded in plastic and have an excellent chrome finish where appropriate. Realistic rubber tyres with neat tread patterns round off the look of these monstrous beauties perfectly. Superb stuff from Ixo.