Get ready to go street racing with Ixo's LB Nissan

06 May 2022
Ixo Models Nissan 35GT-RR LB-Silhouette Works GT Black 2019 Basis GT-R (R35)
Get ready to go street racing with Ixo's LB Nissan Images

PRICE: £41.99
SCALE: 1/43

The LibertyWalk concept isn’t about simply tuning or 'dressing-up' cars. The company isn't interested in common-place customisation either.

In the old days in Japan, 'Kaido Racers', as they were referred to, styled their cars by removing the bumpers, retro-fitting headlights from another car and cutting and installing 'overfenders'. This is the roots of old-school, traditional Japanese custom car culture - a culture loved by some, yet hated by others. Much as I love classic car design, I have to say that there is something incredibly appealing about this form of art.

Starting with Lamborghinis, LB WORKS quickly added Ferraris and Nissan GT-Rs to its portfolio. The latter has become quite a market for the company.

Two of these incredible machines were built for the 2020 Tokyo Auto Show - the only difference between the two was the style of the rear wing. Both cars were constructed with carbon-fibre bodies, and virtually nothing was left untouched from the base cars.

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Ixo has modelled this incredible design beautifully and captured all the design mods perfectly. From the huge air intakes in the front spoiler to the diffuser at the rear, this amazing beast is wonderfully replicated. And the subtle picking out of the red bucket seats inside contrasts very nicely with the menacing look of the rest of the car.

Finally, what can't be fully appreciated from the photos here is the stunning finish to that body - close inspection reveals an incredibly subtle, but realistic carbon-fibre 'weave' all over. It's absolutely gorgeous, trust me!