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09 April 2021
Northcord Model Company Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMC - Xplore Dundee
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PRICE: £59.99
REF: ukbus 6521
SCALE: 1/76

The tenth livery for NMC's 10.9 metre long, single-door model, in the eye-catching livery of Xplore Dundee.

The model represents fleet number 6695 (carrying registration number SK68 MBO) and was new to Xplore Dundee in 2018. It is one of the 14 new Alexander Dennis Enviro400 SmartHybrids, finished to 'Emerald' standard, and entered service on 2nd December 2018. Featuring the revised two-tone green and yellow livery, it represents a great improvement on the rather dowdy two-tone dark green applied to the Dundee buses in recent years which was, in turn, a throwback to an earlier colour scheme of Dundee Corporation. These brand-new buses were unveiled to the public at a ceremony in City Square in Dundee on 30th November 2018.

On route 22 and showing the destination to Craigowl, the special, comprehensive livery and branding are fully reproduced, with all the messages and logos present.

Inside, the layout of the Enviro400 MMC, is fully replicated, including such details as the extensive handrails on upper and lower decks, and a screen monitor on the upper deck. This release is limited to 1,008 pieces worldwide.

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An absolute beauty, with the graphics perfectly printed all over, making for a stunning model.