Get out and go trucking in Ixo's colourful classic cab

01 September 2021
Ixo 1970 White Western Star 4864
Get out and go trucking in Ixo's colourful classic cab Images

PRICE: £35.99
REF: TR077
SCALE: 1/43

In 1967, the White Motor Company started its Western Star truck division as White Western Star, with a new plant at Kelowna, British Columbia, sharing headquarters with White in Cleveland, Ohio. White Western Star trucks in that era typically used cabs from its sister company, Autocar.

Western Star production was moved to Ogden, Utah, but the brand was not included in the 1981 sale of White's truck business to Volvo. In 2000, Western Star was purchased by Daimler Chrysler, becoming part of its Freightliner Trucks division. In 2002, Western Star production was moved to a plant in Portland, Oregon - 4700, 4800, 4900 and 6900 model trucks are still manufactured in the Portland Truck Plant.

The 4800 Series offered more powerful engine options than the 4700. Western Star provided the truck as a bare chassis and cab, which could be fitted with a dump body, mixer, tank, crane, or other structure by a coachbuilding company as desired by the customer.

Ixo has chosen a very popular classic tractor unit to model here as there is still a massive following for the design, especially from this early era.

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As is always the case with its 1/43 scale trucks, the attention to detail is legendary for the price and this is most definitely a case in point.

The finish is really very good indeed and the colour scheme chosen is tremendously evocative of the model year chosen. The printing of those splendid rainbow colours is excellent and the detail is brilliant all over - just look at the roof-mounted marker lights for example. I love it!