Ford models from OttOmobile

11 August 2023
Turning the spotlight on a trio of new models that offer more than just passing interest for British fans of the marque
Ford models from OttOmobile Images

With each month’s batch of releases, OttOmobile usually announces one rally-themed model, and one of the latest is a stunner, both in terms of visual impact and the amount of detail it carries.

OttOmobile Escort Cosworth Gr.A - 1993 (OT994)

Another, most welcome model of a popular British motor sport competitor from OttOmobile. Unmistakable in one of the most distinctive and eye catching liveries seen on the international rallying circuit in the early 1990s, Malcolm Wilson’s Ford Escort Cosworth Gr.A. is from the 1993 Network Q RAC Rally.

There is just so much excellent detail, from the white wheel rims, right through to the caged and harnessed interior. Needless to say, you just can’t ignore this one thanks to its livery and that bank of rally lights. Surely a ‘must-have’ for British motorsport fans and Fords buffs alike, this one is just so good it makes a fabulous standalone display piece or essential addition to a themed collection with equal standing. A winner in all senses of the word.

I feel quite strongly that there are several issues that are common to both of the other two models in the trio and ones that touch back to comments I have made previously including in my review of OttOmobile’s Ford Focus Mk.2 RS (‘Sharp Focus’ - March 2022 issue). They are both, as models, visual gems that capture the spirit of the cars they model - and the eras they are from - exceptionally well.  For example with both we have the complex design lighting units now common on the majority of modern car housed under crystal clear covers. These are executed in exacting detail and, together with other similar, crisp, well-defined details, contribute to the superb overall impressions the models generate.

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OttOmobile Ford Fiesta ST (Mk. 7) - 2016 (OT403)

Representing a left-hand-drive version of the upmarket Fiesta ST, with an engine boasting 200 hp and claimed a top speed of 140 mph, OT403 is finished in flawless Spirit Blue Metallic with graphite rims. Interior detail, of course, extends to depiction of the ST touches that include logo seat upholstery trim. As with the Focus previously, and several other contemporary models from Ottomobile, the window tinting is very well done.

OttOmobile Racing Puma - 1999 (OT428)

Moving back in time, to sit between the Escort Cosworth and Fiesta ST, comes this delightful representation of a right-hand-drive Racing Puma, resplendent in violet-tinged, deep metallic blue paintwork. As with the other two in trio, the finish it exudes is incredibly photogenic. And, whilst each of the three hold their own corners admirably, there is something about OT428 that, for me, places it as my favourite of the trio. I can’t quite put my finger on what tips the balance so resoundingly in its favour, but it is most certainly another excellent example of just how charismatic 1/18 scale resincast scale models can be.