Flex some American muscle with Maisto's big Chevy Camaro

09 December 2019
Maisto 1971 Chevrolet Z28 Camaro
Flex some American muscle with Maisto's big Chevy Camaro Images

PRICE: £39.99 
REF NO: M31131
SCALE: 1/18

General Motors' second-generation Camaro was produced by Chevrolet from 1970 until 1981. Introduced in the spring of 1970, it was longer, lower and wider than the first generation Camaro and was developed without the rush of the original design, benefitting from a greater budget justified by the success of the first generation. Although it was an all-new car, the basic mechanical layout of the new Camaro was familiar, engineered much like its predecessor with a unibody structure utilising a front subframe, with coil spring front suspension, and rear leaf springs.  The 1971 Camaro received only minor cosmetic changes from its 1970 counterpart. Inside, new high-back Strato bucket seats with built-in headrests replaced the 1970-only low-back seats with adjustable headrests. The biggest changes, however, came under the bonnet, due to a GM-corporate mandate that all engines were to run on lower-octane regular-leaded, low-lead, or unleaded gasoline.  Maisto's replica features all the usual opening parts and a good level of detail to the engine bay and interior, those new-for-1971 high-backed seats being correctly modelled of course. The subtle metallic blue paintwork is rather fabulous and the go-faster factory-fitted striping is beautifully applied and the neat Z28 badging to the wings is there too. An absolute bargain - you certainly get plenty of bang for your buck!

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