First newly-tooled Escort MK1 from Oxford Diecast is totally affordable

24 March 2020
Oxford Diecast Ford Escort Mk1 - Modena Green
First newly-tooled Escort MK1 from Oxford Diecast is totally affordable Images

PRICE: £6.25
REF: 76FE001
SCALE: 1/76

Photographing any small scale model and then blowing it up on these pages can frequently be unflattering but Oxford Diecast's new tooling of Ford's fan favourite, the wonderful Escort Mk1, stands up to this action very well indeed.

Ford's new front-engined, rear-wheel-drive family saloon was announced at the end of 1967 and officially unveiled at the Brussels Motor Show in January 1968. Production of the Mk1 ran from 1967 to 1975, with the majority of this taking place in Germany and the UK, and Ford announced that the two millionth Escort had rolled off the production lines during June 1974.

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Oxford Diecast's lovely rendition at 1/76 scale is going to sell so very well indeed. With its faithfully replicated body shape, and an extensive palette of official Ford colours (and some inevitable customisations), the options for future releases are incredibly numerous to say the very least.

Painted in Modena Green, this first model is sure to find its way into the hearts of a huge cross section of collectors and railway modellers alike for starters.

With some good attention to detail having been paid to both the front and rear ends, the interior is definitely worthy of mention too. Get started on your collection of this beauty right now - it's a real bargain!